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How can I hide a file in Windows 10?

The easiest way is to do just that….or in other words…make it a “hidden” file. You can do the same with folders too (If you have a lot to hide:))

What is a hidden file in Windows 10?

Save your file or folder somewhere, it can be in Documents, Desktoip or wherever. View it in File Explorer. Then simply RIGHT CLICK the file, and from the sub menu that pops up choose…Properties

There you will see a little checkbox that says HIDDEN…tick that box and click APPLY………..OMG!…..the file is hidden!

Don’t panic if it disappears…it just means you haven’t got “view hidden files” enabled. To turn it on and off view this page.

Solved: How can I hide a file in Windows 10?

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Please be aware that this only hides a file by making it not visible. Anyone who has access to the PC could still enable hidden files and see it, or even find it in a search. Its not foolproof!

Click here for instructions how to see hidden operating system files …and more.

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