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How to password protect your account in Windows 10

If you haven’t got a password to log into your Windows account, not only can anyone just see your stuff but also it makes your whole computer less secure if it is compromised in any way.

So here’s the best way to password protect your profile. Once you are logged in, just click the Windows start button, and then the …GEAR ICON…this opens the SETTINGS menu.

Then click the ACCOUNTS block to open it.

…Select…Sign in the left column

Select… the main window…


…and then click the …Add... button. Be aware that if you already have a password on your account this button will say…Change

Now this is where you type in your required password (I won’t go into how to decide on a password here, search this website for …choose a password for help). Type it in again in the …Confirm…box, and then you can add a hint of some kind to prompt you to remember it…even a single letter is allowed, but you can’t leave it blank.

Of course you click the finish button to……finish!

That’s all there is to it. The next time you restart your computer you will have to type in yor password to get in.

Solved … How to password protect your account in Windows 10

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