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How to set default Apps Windows 10

In Windows, every type of file is associated with a program or app. There are default rules set within Windows, obviously biased towards Microsoft apps.

Over time with the installation of new programs they might get confused or just need a little bit of tweaking. To do this you can go to the Default Apps section of Windows Settings.

First click into the search bar just to the right of the Windows start button. and type …Default Apps…actually you probably will only type …Default…as you will see almost immediately the following pop up:

Click or open…DEFAULTV APPS…and:

This window will pop up showing the most common types of default programs for particular tasks. Have a look around by scrolling and see what you have set as your preferences.

Scroll a bit further down and you can see the following choices:

You can reset the settings to Microsoft defaults, which is a good idea if your files types are completely muddled. Also by protocol or by app are available, but I wouldn’t recommend going this route unless you are a bit more knowledgable.

For fine tuning, the best way is to…choose default application by file type…choosing this way means you can browse to your file types (or extension) and choose which program you want to use for that type.

If you only want to change the settings for one type of file then follow this easier way to do it.

Solved: How to set default apps in Windows

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