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How to show hidden files in Windows 10?

What are hidden files?

To make your hidden files show in Windows, first open File Explorer.

Then click the “View” tab…..Then check the “Hidden files” checkbox over to the right hand side. The hidden files and folders on your PC will all become visible but ever so slightly greyed out. They will stay visible too unless you uncheck that box at a later date.

Solved: How to show hidden files in Windows 10

Find out a bit more …or leave

There are some files that are even more hidden!…These are hidden operatimg system files. They are crucial to how your computer works, so only play with them if you know what you are doing.

How to see Hidden operating system files

If you ever want to hide a file or folder from prying eyes, a simple way is to make it hidden. How can you do this? Just click the next link for the easiest way:

How do I make a file or folder “hidden”?

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