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How to show hidden system files in Windows 10?

Some files are more than just hidden, they are related to the operating system itself and Microsoft do not want you mucking around with them.

If you really need to see them, it’s a similar method to viewing normal hidden files.

So first open FILE EXPLORER and click the VIEW tab, then OPTIONS on the far RIGHT:

You will see a little pop-under that says…Change folder and search options

Click on this and you will see a new window pop-up

Just click the VIEW tab and there’s a whole lot of checkboxes, one of which says…”Hide protected operating system files”…uncheck this and you will be able to see those pesky files! Don’t forget to click…APPLY!

Solved: How to show hidden system files in Windows

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While you’re in …FOLDER OPTIONS…why not have a look around and see what other things you can change with all those funky checkboxes. Don’t worry, you can change them all back just by clicking…RESTORE DEFAULTS….don’t forget the APPLY afterwards!

An interesting one is “Hide extensions for known file types”

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