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Where is My Computer in windows 10?

So Microsoft keep mucking around with things, and My Computer the name in Windows 7 is now This PC in Windows 10.

The simplest way to get to it from a default installation of Windows 10 is to click the folder (file explorer) icon on the task bar…

Then you will see it in the left column….

SOLVED: Where is My Computer in Windows 10

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You want a shortcut on the desktop? There is the quick way of just dragging the icon on to the desktop…

Or there is the longer but neater way of adding a system icon. Search for …Themes… from the search box next to the start button.

Find …Customize Desktop Icons… it could be down the page a bit or to the right depending on the window shape and size, and click on it. Then choose the icons you want displayed on the desktop.

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